DJI Phantom 4 PRO V2

  • A solid blend of beautiful imagery, affordability, stealth, and manueverabilty 

  • 1/2 inch Sensor

  • 4K up to 60fps

  • Global Shutter

  • D-Log

  • To get more tech specs and information please visit

  • When high-speeds and high level image acquisition is needed then this is your platform

  • Choose from X5 and X7s camera systems

  • Pro-Res and Cinema DNG RAW capable

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  • Dual Operator

DJI Inspire 2

Please Note this is a special request item

FAA licenesed Experience

It is all about experience. Our Drone pilots have logged hundreds of hours in the air over the last 5 years. We are insured and licensed by the FAA to provide safe and reliable aerial video.

Class B airspace experience (high level busy airports)

It is important to hire the right people for the job especially when it comes to aerial work. Just because you can buy a DJI Mavik Pro doesn't make you a safe and reliable drone pilot.

Location and Contact

Brent Buntyn

Owner Operator


Conveniently located in beautiful Phoenix Arizona

Driving distance from Nor Cal, So Cal, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, and Texas.