• The Fly Line Cable Cam is an excellent and safe solution to long tracking shots when other tools wont work for the situation.

  • Up to 600 ft runs and up to 15 degree slopes

  • Up to 35 lbs of payload

  • Can safely be used over crowds of people

  • End points can be programmed in to eliminate running into the end of the rope.

  • Multiple wheel ratios allows for slow speeds and high speeds up to 45mph

  • Multiple hours of run time

Fly Line Cable Cam

  • Fly Line Cable Cam with 600ft. of Dyneema Synthetic Line (stronger than steel cable)

  • All Mounting Gear to safely mount from Scissor Lifts, Telephone Polls, Light Polls etc.

  • DJI Ronin 2 Stabilizer (game changer for highspeed moves)

  • Wireless Video

System Includes

Due to some of the footage on this reel, I have to keep it private. Please email me and I can send a link.

Location and Contact

Brent Buntyn

Owner Operator



Conveniently located in beautiful Phoenix Arizona

Driving distance from Nor Cal, So Cal, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, and Texas.

Even over water

This rig was used for a reality TV show with a swimming challenge involved.